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Unveiling Treasures Of Africa

Akagera National Park | Rwanda’s Wilderness Taste of Nature

Located in the East of Rwanda, Akagera National Park derives its name from the mighty river Akagera that runs along its eastern boundary. The Park is Rwanda’s famous Savanna reserve covering over 2500km2. Akagera is also among the most scenic of savanna reserves, with its sumptuous forest-fringed lakes, tall mountains and constantly changing vegetation.

There is plenty of game around, like buffalos, elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos and various antelope all reasonably visible. The lakes support some of the highest concentrations of hippo you will not find anywhere in Africa, as well as numerous large crocodiles, while lion, leopard and black rhino are still in small numbers.

Tourist Attractions
Wild Game & Birdlife

Close encounters with crocodiles and large pods of hippo are all guaranteed, and you will also pass substantial breeding colonies of African darter, cormorant and open-bill stork. Other water birds are abundant: the delicate and colorful African jacana can be seen trotting on floating vegetation, fish eagles are posted in the trees at regular intervals, jewel-like malachite kingfisher hawk from the needs, while pied kingfishers hover high above the water to swoop down on their fishy prey. Of greater interest to enthusiasts will be the opportunity to spot marsh specialists such as blue-headed coucal and marsh flycatcher.

Tourist Activities
Akagera boost several visitor activities to include:-
• Game drive for wildlife viewing
• Bird watching
• Guided nature walks

Well established Akagera Game Lodge and Rusizi Tented lodge, situated inside the park provides a fresh relaxing environment for visitors. For budget travelers Bandas and styled dormitory set ups are readily available to make your stay and visit to Akagera very memorable.

How to get there
From Kigali, the Rwandan great capital Akagera can be accessed in a 3 hours long drive and from Kibungo. However, a 4×4 is advisable, though any vehicle with good clearance should be okay in the dry season.

Best time to Visit
Any time through the year though challenging during heavy rains as access roads turn impassable

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