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Unveiling Treasures Of Africa


Murchison Falls ranked second in holding almost 80% of Uganda’s wildlife. The park is also the largest parks in Uganda bisected by the Nile River into the Northern and the Southern sections and it covers a wide area of 3,580 Km2. For Bird watchers who love to hear and see different birds singing, swimming, eating, playing, nesting and relaxing, Murchison Falls is the birding tap.

The Albert Nile corridor is Uganda’s lowest area (612m at Delta Point) and temperatures can be hot with a mean maximum of 29OC. The hottest times are mid December to mid February and June-July, tempered by rainy seasons in April and November.

Murchison Falls white waters rapids races down 80km before plunging 40m over the remnant rift valley wall at Murchison Falls, the centerpiece of the park.

Murchison’s Tourist Attractions
Abundant Wildlife
Murchison hosts one of Africa’s largest density of hippos and crocodile populations, and a different species of water birds such as the African Fish Eagle, African Skimmer and the rare shoebill stork which can easily be seen at the banks of the river. Other bird species that can be seen include Silver Bird, Blue-napped Mouse birds, Grey-crowned Crane, Bluff-bellied Warblers, Goliath Heron, Black-headed Batis, Black-headed Gonolek, Green-winged Ptyilia, Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-weaver, Long-toed Plover, Vitelline Masked Weaver, Saddle-billed Stork, Spotted Mourning Thrush, Spotted and Verreaux’s Owls, Long-tailed and Pennant-winged Nightjars, standard-winged Nightjar, White-backed Night Heron and Pel’s Fishing Owl.

The Falls
The most shocking natural wonders in Africa with a dramatic view of the waterfall is the ‘Top of the Falls’ where the sight and sound of the Nile crashing through a 6m-wide chasm make an unforgettable sight experience. A trek to the falls is unforgettable life time adventure

Main Tourist Activities
Murchison Falls boosts a high number of visitor’s activities they include:-

  • Game drives
  • Launch trips on the Nile
  • Chimpanzee Trekking at Kaniyo Pabidi
  • Sport fishing
  • Guided Nature walks
  • Bird watching

While in Murchison Falls, comfort is at its best, you can choose to stay at Paraa safari lodge, Nile Safari lodge, Barker’s Lodge  or Chobe Safari Lodge (High end lodging)  Murchison River lodge Fort Murchison, Budongo Eco lodge (Mid range Lodging) and Red Chili Hideaway cottages, Heritage Lodge & Bwana Tembo (budget Lodging) offering tourists descent hospitality services

How to get there
Approximately 5hrs drive from Kampala (305km). Paraa is 85km from Masindi town by the direct route.

By flight
Aerolink flies every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday departing Entebbe at 1230 arriving either at Bugungu or Pakuba airstrips. Returning flight departing 1345 arriving Entebbe 1630

Best time to Visit
Any time of year

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